Our Teams

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors team is made up of business owners and community leaders who have a passion for supporting our military heroes. Each one of the board members has gone through an extensive interview process to make sure their ideas, passions and values match up with the Welcome Home Group. Each member of the board also has the responsibility of overseeing a minimum of one special committee, whose focus is the forward movement of the mission.

Strategy Team

The strategy team is a group of individuals whose focus is on bringing fresh new ideas to the organization that can assist in our mission. They meet monthly to discuss new ideas that have been proposed and assign action items. The responsibility of the strategy team is to keep TWHG at the forefront of our industry and through innovation and cultivation of ideas.

Leadership Team

The leadership team is responsible for developing policies and procedures for the volunteers. They meet weekly to discuss operational issues and works to find effective and efficient ways to improve the process that the volunteers use when assisting the veterans and military spouses.

Ambassador Team

Our team of ambassadors consists of veterans and military spouses who have completed our program and believe in it. They are our voice in the communities across the nation. They reach out to other veterans/spouses and tell them about the interactive career readiness program offered by TWHG and encourage them to enroll if they need the service or to volunteer to help others who may need the service. We have found this to be very effective in getting the word out across the United States.

Career Readiness Team

Our career readiness team is the heartbeat of this organization. Located throughout the United States, they are extraordinary individuals who come together as an amazing well oiled machine. They are responsible for the success of our clients. They are masters at building bonds with the veterans/spouses and have a deep desire to see them succeed. They go above and beyond, working days, evenings, weekends... whatever it takes to assist their clients to be successful. Our clients are always sending emails and voicemails telling us how happy they are and how the career readiness coaches have made what is typically a challenging situation much easier and more pleasant. 

July 1, 2018