Mobile Classroom

A concept drawing of our Mobile Classroom for veterans


The Concept

Not everyone who needs our help has access to the equipment they need to participate in our program. Unfortunately there are veterans who don't have technical skills that match todays needs. We have a solution for that. If those who need our program can't get to us then we will take the program to them. Utilizing a large capacity vehicle, the goal is to outfit it with technology and go mobile. More people will be able to harness the power of our program if they have access to it. We want every military veteran, military spouse and the children of veterans to have access to our program.

The Design

The mobile classroom will have the ability to work very effectively in that the interior layout will support the entire program we offer from enrolling in the program, to the development of the Interactive Resume, interview training and the ability to use our employment resource center. The unit will be a full featured solution, requiring only two people to operate. This solution will be cost effective, highly efficient, and a more advanced way to get the mission out to the people who need it.

The Base Tour

The "Base Tour" is a relatively simple concept. Take the four quarters in a year and schedule time at as many military bases, installations and surrounding areas as possible in each of the four time zones. The mobile classroom can be parked at the military location, or other location close by for a predetermined time so that the veterans, military spouses, sons and daughters of veterans can take advantage of it's resources. The unit can be parked normally and the technology inside (laptops) can easily be removed at night and secured. Having a mobile classroom of this magnitude available for our veterans which covers the country is a big step in giving our clients the tools they need to succeed. TWHG is bringing Veteran career readiness into the 21st century and a tool like this will help us to lead the way.






June 17, 2018