Miltary Spouses


The Situation

The military spouse must sacrifice their career to accommodate the rigid demands of their spouses profession. Though confronted by different issues than veterans, their concerns are no less significant to our communities. Frequent relocation makes it difficult to progress in a career, and deployment leaves many spouses to balance their jobs and families with little or no aid. Misunderstanding on the part of employers, who often fear that the demand of military life will impact the work environment, further compounds their difficulties. In order to provide for the military spouse and strengthen our communities, we must resolve these employment problems.

**Statistics compiled from multiple sources, including U.S. Dept of labor, and

Some Statistics

There are approximately 710,000 active duty spouses, 93% of whom are female. An additional 500,000 spouses are married to a Reservist or National Guardsman.

84% have some college education; 25% hold an undergraduate degree; and 10% hold a postgraduate degree.

77% of spouses report that they want or need to work.

38% of military spouses are underemployed, compared to approximately 6% rate for civilian spouses.

Only 19% of military spouses have adequate full-time employment.

Some Facts

Military spouses are among the most educated, adaptable, and dedicated workers in the nation. Yet despite their eminent qualifications, many employers are skeptical, fearing that the demand of military life will impose on the work environment or that spouses will leave within months.

Despite common misconceptions, military spouses tend to hold the same job for the duration of their service member's assignment, usually 2-4 years – a significant step beyond the average turnover in the private sector, which hovers around 15 months.

Military spouses are exceptionally resilient due to their frequent transitions, and are excellent workers in high-stress environments.

The vast majority of spouses utilize military health and dental care, saving their employers the cost of some benefits.






June 17, 2018